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Please understand these are our initial placements and they can change due to athletes choosing not to play. If this happens players may be moved from one team to another, movement only happens from a lower numbered team to a higher one. For example, movement could happen from 14-2 to 14-1, but not 14-2 to 14-3. At Mighty Mo Volleyball we ask all players to celebrate each other. Please remember, in  stead of focusing on who is not on your team please celebrate those individuals on your team!  Also remember, you are often all practicing in the same facility and mixing together anyhow. If you have questions regarding your placement, please don’t hesitate to email right away, and we will do our best to get back to you as quickly as possible. 

If we do not hear anything back from you via email, we will assume you are accepting your team placement position.

Click on your age group below to find your team placement and your coach.

Practice times have not been decided but will be uploaded when completed.

Team Placements

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