2022 Fees

We are breaking the 2022 season into two different fees.  Each fee is explained below.

Our goal is to keep the entire season under $650 per player.  (Teams who attend out-of-state national level tournaments will have higher tournament fees, so their overall fee will exceed $650).

Circle fun.jpg
2022 Practice Fee
  • Covers everything associated with practices for the season (gym rental fees, coaches, club insurance, etc).

  • Due: Immediately after team placement

  • Amount: $300 for all players (U12-U18)

  • You will receive an invoice via email after team placement

2022 Tournament Fee
  • This fee will be determined by the number of play dates each team is able to secure and attend this year.

  • Due: April 15, 2022

  • Amount $350

  • You will receive an invoice  via email after team placement

Use this link if you would like to sponsor a specific Mighty Mo player by contributing towards their season fees. 

Please pay your fees via the invoices emailed to you.  The link below is for business or individuals sponsoring a player.